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The Art of Enjoying Red Wine: Unveiling the Red Vanilla Wine Glass

Red wine enthusiasts understand that the choice of glassware can significantly impact the overall tasting experience. Red Vanilla’s Viola, Viola Burgundy, Sandra, and Lara's red wine glasses have gained attention for their exquisite design, featuring wide openings and deep bowl shapes that enhance the enjoyment of red wines. In this blog, we delve into the reasons behind the specific design elements of these glasses and explore the optimal amount of wine to pour for an unparalleled red wine experience.

Wide Openings for Enhanced Aromas:

The wide openings of the Viola, Viola Burgundy, Sandra, and Lara glasses are crucial in elevating the red wine-tasting experience. By allowing a generous airflow into the glass, the wine is exposed to oxygen, which aids in the aeration process. This aeration, facilitated by the broad opening, helps unlock the full spectrum of aromas present in red wines.

Deep Bowl Shape for Flavor Concentration:

The deep bowl shape of these red wine glasses is carefully crafted to concentrate the complex flavors of red wines. As the wine settles in the deep bowl, the surface area exposed to the air is minimized, reducing the oxidation rate. This design choice ensures that the rich and nuanced flavors of red wines are preserved, allowing them to evolve and unfold gradually as you savor each sip.

Optimal Wine Pouring:

To fully appreciate the characteristics of red wine in the Viola, Viola Burgundy, Sandra, and Lara glasses, it’s essential to pour an appropriate amount. Aim to fill the glass to about one-third or one-half of its capacity. This allows enough room for the wine to breathe and reveals its aromas and flavors. The spacious design of these glasses accommodates this pour level perfectly, ensuring a delightful and well-balanced tasting experience.


Investing in the right glassware can enhance the enjoyment of red wine, and the Viola, Viola Burgundy, Sandra, and Lara glasses have been meticulously designed to elevate the red wine-tasting experience. The wide openings facilitate aeration, while the deep bowl shapes concentrate flavors, creating a symphony for the senses. By pouring an optimal amount of red wine into these glasses, you unlock the full potential of your favorite reds, making each sip a moment to savor and appreciate.

Cheers to the art of enjoying red wine in style!

**More to come with details on each glass.

Writer: Kerri Richards

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