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Every Time White Serving Pieces Collection offers everything you need for a great family-style get-together.



  • 16oz Gravy Boat
  • 14oz Covered Sugar Bowl
  • 12.75" 144oz Salad Bowl
  • 12" Coupe Platter
  • 12" Oval Coupe Platter
  • 10.5" Rectangular Dinner Plate
  • 8.75" Oval Platter
  • 16" Oval Platter
  • 12oz Creamer
  • 9.25" 96oz Salad Bowl
  • 32oz Tea Server




Dishwasher - Microwave - Warm Oven Safe to 200 degrees

Modern or Contemporary Style

Casual Dining

Made in Thailand

Every Time White Gravy Boat: ET1911 Every Time White Covered Sugar Bowl: ET1915/1926L Every Time White Salad Bowl: ET1917 Every Time White Coupe Platter: ET1918 Every Time White Oval Coupe Platter: ET1919 Every Time White 3 piece Platter Set: ET1919-003 Every Time White Rectangular Dinner Plate: ET1920 Every Time White Oval Platter: ET1921 ET1922 Every Time White Creamer: ET1923 Every Time White Coupe Salad Bowl: ET1924 Every Time White Tea Server: ET1925 Every Time White 3Pc Platter Set: ET 1919-003 Every Time White Sauce Dishes: ET0225 ET022/6

Every Time White Serving Pieces

PriceFrom $19.00
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