Linear Blue Cereal / Pasta Bowl 6" 30oz


Red Vanilla is a great night out and a quiet night in. It's dinner with friends in high fashion. It's vibrant, crisp, defined, and coherent in its simplicity as a concept. Red Vanilla is a lifestyle, an all-encompassing array of sophistication intended to Blanket your existence with the quality and design that you expect to live in, all with pieces that are as unexpected as they are varied. Red Vanilla stands by its products 100 Percent. At Red Vanilla, you have the opportunity to buy dinnerware that we also sell to hotels and restaurants, Industries which demand high performance and long lasting quality under the most Strenuous conditions. When you purchase from Red Vanilla, you can be confident that some of the best restaurants in the country trust Red Vanilla patterns to frame their food and to survive the daily punishment of an industrial kitchen. Red Vanilla is design with flavor. LIVE a more flavorful life with Red Vanilla.


  • Perfect accessory to your holiday dinners!
  • Does not contain any lead compounds
  • Dishwasher Safe, But Hand Wash Recommended
  • Live a more flavorful life with Red Vanilla.
Package Dimensions 6 x 6 x 3 inches
Item Weight 6 pounds

Linear Blue Cereal / Pasta Bowl 30oz

SKU: FK200-210