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The soft, warm white color of Vanilla Marble sets a beautiful stage for any meal. Every piece features a textured pattern as if marbles were carefully placed in the mold.


16 Piece Set includes Service for Four


  • Four 10.25 inch dinner plates
  • Four 8.25 inch salad plates
  • Four 7.5 inch 20 ounce soup bowls
  • Four 16 ounce mugs 


Other Options


  • One/Six  10.25 inch dinner plate(s)
  • One/Six  8.25 inch salad plate(s)
  • One/Six 7.5 inch 20 ounce soup bowl(s)
  • One/Six 16 ounce mug(s)
  • One/Six 6.25 inch bread and butter plate(s)
  • One/Six 5.25 inch 14 ounce fruit bowl(s)
  • One/Six 8.5 ounce coffee c/s set(s)
  • One/Six 5 ounce espresso c/s set(s)
  • Four 4.25 inch 8 ounce rice bowls


Dishwasher - Microwave - Warm Oven Safe to 200 degrees
Modern or Contemporary Style
Casual Dining
Made in China

RV750-016 Vanilla Marble Round 16Pc Dinner Set RV750-016 Vanilla Marble Round ​​​​​​Vanilla Marble Dinner Plate RV750-201/6 Vanilla Marle Dinner Plates RV750-202 Vanilla Marble Salad Plate RV750-202/6 Vanilla Marble Salad Plates RV750-215 Vanilla Marble Mug ​​​​​​​RV750-215/6 Vanilla Marble Mugs ​​​​​​​RV750-220 Vanilla Marble Low Soup Bowl ​​​​​​​RV750-220/6 Vanilla Marble Low Soup Bowls ​​​​​​​RV750-203 Vanilla Marble Bread and Butter Plate ​​​​​​​RV750-203/6 Vanilla Marble Bread and Butter Plates ​​​​​​​RV750-211 Vanilla Marble Fruit Bowl ​​​​​​​RV750-211/6 Vanilla Marble Fruit Bowls ​​​​​​​RV750-212 Vanilla Marble Coffe C/S Set ​​​​​​​RV750-212/6 Vanilla Marble Coffee C/S Sets ​​​​​​​RV750-213 Vanilla Marble Espresso C/S Set ​​​​​​​RV750-213/6 Vanilla Marble Espresso C/S Sets ​​​​​​​RV750-410 Vanilla Marble Rice Bowls 



Vanilla Marble Round

PriceFrom $15.99
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